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SHK International: Giving your Business Critical Access to Success

Building key business relationships for you.

We not only build key business relationships for you, we help you manage ongoing relationships to bring you more successful outcomes. We specialize in negotiating between manufacturing and engineering firms to create value for growing companies seeking to expand throughout North and South American markets.
SHK is a local presence for our international clients, committed to delivering swift resolution to issues that may arise, through timely and transparent communication. This means that everyone can feel confident that your needs are understood and met. Be assured that SHK remains accountable through the project.
SHK is different from typical representation agencies in that we build long term relationships with our manufacturing and engineering companies, becoming an extension of their brand in the Americas. This means keeping their best interest in mind, conducting our business in an honest and ethical manner and maintaining focus on our future goals. We don’t just deliver your bid; we deliver success.
Our EPC and End Clients agree that having a local and accountable team for the duration of the project adds value by establishing confidence that the demands of the project are being met and that communication is understood, timely and accurate. This approach is essential during the normal course of business but critical during a time of crisis.

Our Team

Our experienced, multilingual team possesses and utilizes a thorough knowledge of domestic and international markets to help you gain much needed access. This knowledge is key in sucessfully navigating through the process of expanding your brand into North and South American markets. Our team has been successful time and time again in helping businesses in gaining access to key markets then helping you grow those within those markets.
Jamie V. Holmes

More than 15 years of multi-discipline experience with developing and implementing strategies to overcome obstacles impacting critical areas of an organization(profitability, regulatory compliance, quality, reliability). Strong analytical, leadership and communication skills with broad-based practical experience in sales, business development, engineering management, process improvement, project management, quality system design and management and recruiting.

Paul S. Kim
Director of Operations & Projects

Overseeing project progress according to schedules, indentifying scope changes, developing and issuing project variances, trending and analyzing of expenditures and completion reports.   Identification, mitigation and communication of items that impact project schedule, budget and product performance.  In depth interaction with Cost Estimating group in order to lead and develop proposals for bidding and post award management.

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